The Space Elevator Project

SPACE ELEVATOR - Projet Espace

The origins of the Space Elevator project

The History

SPACE ELEVATOR - Projet Histoire

This project was born from a triple observation: 1. A team without diversity is a team with less creativity and more territorial frictions, 2. Increasing the diversity of its team without lowering the selection criteria is very difficult for a company due to the few candidates present and 3. that, often, to recruit in a start-up, one looks more for technical and practical resourcefulness than for theoretical diplomas.

It is thus in 2022, after having hired about thirty engineers to join a space start-up, and having made these three observations, that Pierre set up this Space Elevator project.

SPACE ELEVATOR - Projet Histoire

The Idea

Space Elevator - Visuel Idée

Our team has chosen two levers to bring young people to discover more about the world of space: Do and Inspire. With these two angles, we hope to show young people that this field is within their reach and that it is not reserved only for a certain part of the population.

Do: We believe that the best way to discover new concepts is to practice. To this end, the Space Elevator project takes place in two phases each year. In the first phase, the students make DIY projects prepared by us that allow them to learn some basic notions and show them that they are capable of making technical projects. In the second phase, students design their own project on a theme chosen by our team. The best teams will be rewarded with an outstanding prize.

Inspire: We also want to inspire high school students, so we offer them the opportunity to meet inspiring people like astronauts or engineers. But the adventure doesn’t stop there and we also offer them extraordinary experiences such as a visit to Le Bourget or a zero G flight.

Key Numbers


more chances to integrate
a great school if a parent
comes out of one of them


of Women
in the aerospace industry


increase in GDP
over 20 years by eliminating
discrimination in hiring*.
* Calculation according to the Blau index, Source: France Stratégie


SPACE ELEVATOR - Projet Ambition

Space Elevator wishes to democratize the initial access to space technologies and thus open the door to studies and careers in the fascinating and universal space sector. Thanks to DIY experiments offering a didactic and inexpensive approach, everyone can have a first contact with this technological world.

The ambition is to federate a set of local initiatives all over France and the world, sharing DIY experiences or inspiring experiences, like the network of Fablabs.

SPACE ELEVATOR - Projet Ambition

DIY Activities

Develop your creativity through
Do It Yourself activities



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